Stakes are high: Pots hit $200k at Betfair Poker

The sparks are flying between deep-pocket players LoisLane and paoletto on the $250/$500 No-Limit Hold'em tables at Betfair Poker, with a ridiculous $423,000 hitting the felt at one point this week.

Both high-stakes regulars at Betfair, the Norwegian LoisLane and the Italian paoletto have been battling it out in the "Stockholm" poker room over the last few days, and pots have reached epic proportions.

So epic, in fact, after taking a record-setting $213,000 pot and staring at over $423,000 sitting on the table, paoletto had to type "I can't play too much more, it's quite stressful" into the chat box.

Nonetheless, the action has been scintillating, and many of the Betfair Poker regulars have added paoletto and LoisLane to their "find a player" lists so they can rail the big games.

Their reputations are well-earned. LoisLane has been known to have half a million dollars in play at one time, and was once seen sitting alone at the $250/$500 table with $400,000 in front of him.

And it's rumored paoletto is in fact also known as "sincero," an aggressive and accomplished high-stakes player involved in some of the largest pots ever seen on Betfair Poker.

To check out the latest high-stakes action, visit Betfair Poker.

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