Sportsbook Poker plays WSOP auctioneer

Do I hear a dime for a World Series of Poker Main Event seat? How about a penny? With Sportsbook Poker's latest promotion, placing the lowest unique bid at an auction will win you a championship seat at the 2007 WSOP.

The $12,000 prize package includes airfare, accommodation at the Rio Hotel and Casino and a Main Event buy-in.

Play now in the Sportsbook Poker World Series Low Bid Auction, where the object is to place the lowest bid that hasn't been chosen by any other contestant.

For the promotion, bids are only accepted in placed cents between 1¢ and $1,000. The challenge is to pick a number that is both low and that you feel no other player has chosen.

Each bid sets you back $1.99, which will be charged to your cell phone when the wager is placed.

All bids are confidential during the auction, but when the event closes, the person with the single lowest unique bid will be asked a qualifying question. If the question is answered correctly, then the player can purchase the seat at the cost of the bid.

The first bid is free when signing up at Sportsbook Poker, so visit the site today.

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