Sportsbook Poker on to Series 2 Gold Cards

Gold Card Series 1 was definitely a success for online player "Bulldozer," who collected the most cards and cashed them in for $52,000. Now it's on to Gold Card Series 2, with more cash and prizes on the table.

How the Series works: You win Gold Cards playing in any real-money ring game at Sportsbook Poker.

When the required amount of rake is collected at your table (higher the limit, quicker the amount is reached), a Gold Card is selected by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and displayed at the end of the hand.

If the displayed Gold Card matches one of your hole cards, even if you folded, it's your to keep.

Then: Start collecting, with four ways to win.

One is the Daily Lottery. Sportsbook Poker will post a new winning Gold Card(s) under the Rewards tab each day. If you can match the winning Gold Card(s) with your collection, you could win cash or seats into exclusive tournaments.

Another is the weekly 500. Starting every Monday at 8:01 a.m. (EDT), every Gold Card you earn moves you around a track, with the first 10 players to collect 500 miles and cross the finish line winning cash up to $500.

The third way is collecting a specific hand with your Gold Cards for guaranteed cash - a royal flush, for example, will earn you $2,000.

And fourth there's the $52,000 grand prize: collect all 52 Series 2 Gold Cards in the deck and it's yours.

If no one collects the entire 52 card collection, 30 days after the last Series 2 Gold Card is released the player with the most unique Series 2 Gold Cards will automatically win instead.

For all the details and to start collecting, visit Sportsbook Poker.

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