Spanish Poker Tour returns for second season

Alexander Jung
Alexander Jung was the Spanish Poker Tour champion in Season 1.

The Spanish Poker Tour rates its first season in 2008 a success. Now the tour is launching into its second season with Everest Poker once again lined up as sponsor.

Last year saw the likes of pro poker players such as Rolf Slotboom, Johnny Lodden, Pietro Paloma and Alexander Jung participate. Jung was also the first season's champion.

The Spanish Poker Tour expects those pros will be back to take on the tournaments again, along with important Spanish players such as Maria Maceiras, Pablo Ubierna, Jose Luis Navarro, Javier Martinez, Raul Paez, Raul Mestre, Javier Dominguez and Cayetano Garcia.

"The Spanish Poker Tour is definitely a must on my agenda. This tournament is very important for the career of any Spanish poker player. It is extremely rewarding and fun to participate in," Maceiras said.

The tour is scheduled to kick off its second season March 20 at the Gran Casino Aranuez. The Spanish Poker Tour and Everest Poker indicated there will be some big changes revealed during that first stop.

"There will be many new additions to this season, including new destinations, improved structure and more online qualification options," said Palomo Benit, the Spanish Poker Tour executive producer.

The main event for each tour stop has a €1,100 buy-in.

Players who want to get in for much less can qualify for as little as $3 at Everest Poker.


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