Southampton man wins APAT Welsh championship

After all the cards had been dealt, Lee Mulligan was the last man seated at the felt during the Amateur Poker Association and Tour Welsh Amateur Poker Championship Sunday. The Southampton native took home his cash prize, trophy and a seat in the European Poker Tour Dortmund event.

The tournament took place Saturday and Sunday, with a complete sell-out of 220 poker players who ponied up the £75 for a 10,000 chip start in the Texas Hold'em event.

Players started falling fast, and by the end of the first day only 32 remained. Of those, Mulligan wasn't even among the top five chip leaders, but he battled his way to victory anyway.

The top five chip leaders going into Day 2 were:

  1. James Knox - 185,000
  2. Adrian Royle - 161,500
  3. Roberto Romanello - 158,000
  4. Brendan Hartnett - 128,000
  5. Mark Donnelly - 123,000

Unfortunately, Romanello and Donnelly would be the only two on that list to survive to make it to the nine-person final table during Day 2.

By that point, Mulligan had taken a fairly commanding chip lead with $425,000, and his nearest competitor had $315,000.

Other players who made the final table were Dan Coles, Linda Iwaniuk, Richard Davies, Chris Barnes, Graham Cox, and Duncan Hodgkins.

Heads-up came down to Mulligan and Donnelly, who had battled his way back from near the bottom of the chip count going into the final table. It only took one hand to determine that this wasn't going to be Donnelly's war to win, though.

With a 2.5-1 chip advantage, Mulligan was quick to call Donnelly's all-in on the very first hand of heads-up play. His A-T held up against Donnelly's Q-7 to give him the victory.

Final table results were as follows:

  1. Lee Mulligan
  2. Mark Donnelly
  3. Graham Cox
  4. Dan Coles
  5. Richard Davies
  6. Linda Iwaniuk
  7. Chris Barnes
  8. Duncan Hodgkins
  9. Roberto Romanello

Next up on the APAT tour is the Scottish Amateur Poker Championship. It is expected to take place in April, but no firm date or location has been set yet.

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