South and Sahamies Return to Battle

Ilari Sahamies

After losing $775k to Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies last Saturday, Cole South was out for blood last night.

South warmed up with $5/$10 and $25/$50 Pot-Limit Omaha eventually finding Sahamies at the $300/$600 PLO tables.

After one hour and 275 hands South walked away from the match up $511,166. Surprisingly he made this profit despite losing four of the five largest pots. The top two biggest pots were collectively worth over $750k.

After taking on Full Tilt pro Tom "durrrr" Dwan at $200/$400 PLO, but only making $36k over the 646 hand session, South returned to $300/$600 to challenge Sahamies once more.

This second session lasted over three hours and Sahamies managed to grind back $121k of his loss. The Finnish poker pro ended the day down $409k, losing $389k of that total to South.

Meanwhile South continued his incredible run in 2010, finishing the day up $436,487. South has earned over $3.5 million playing online poker this year.

Dwan started his day by warming up at $50/$100 PLO before sitting for his heads-up session with South. After losing the $36k to South, Dwan went on to lose another $252k to Brian Townsend playing $100/$200 PLO heads-up.

After grinding back $50k at a PLO Cap game, Dwan sat for round two against Townsend, this time taking the CardRunners pro for $496,651. Dwan finished his day up over $263k. With the win, Dwan has nearly pulled himself even for the year, down just $50,000.

Below are three of yesterday's largest pots. To see more hands replayed head to MarketPulse.


South knew Sahamies didn't have the ace, and tried to triple barrel.



The set holds.



South gets one back with the nuts on the turn.

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