Some Rakeback Pitfalls to Avoid

The Money
Chasing higher stakes for more rakeback = bad idea.

For many players, getting rakeback can be an invaluable boost to their online poker careers.

And landing a good rakeback deal is easier than ever these days through sites like RakeBrain.

Like anything, however, there can be some drawbacks to rakeback and some other factors that you’ll need to keep close tabs on.

For most of online poker players, an ounce of prevention goes a very long way and can address many of the potential problems before they even materialize

Complacency is a Killer

The biggest issue that many rakeback players face is the battle against complacency. In short, they rely too heavily on rakeback as a source of monthly profits.

The more hands you play, the more you’ll make in rakeback, so it’s very easy to fall into the trap of playing when you’re not at your best with no real purpose other than to get in a ton of hands.

While that’s the name of the game for rakeback pros, it can be a dangerous trap for other players who aren’t playing a huge volume of hands and still trying to maximize their profits in every session they play. 

When you’re tired or tilted and only playing to get in hands for rakeback, it’s likely time to step back and re-examine things.

Poor play at the tables can wipe out (and more) any potential upside to grinding out more hands solely for rakeback.

Chasing Higher Stakes

A related problem to look out for is playing higher stakes than you normally would to chase even bigger rakeback payments at the end of the month.

A rakeback calculator is a great way to see how much rakeback you’ll be in line for at your normal stakes.

But it can be a bit of a Pandora’s box if you start playing the what-if game - eyeing how much more rakeback you might get if you jumped up from your normal .50/$1 NLHE shorthanded game and instead played $1/$2.

Or wow, look at how much you’d make if you jumped all the way up to $2/4, as your potential rakeback payment each month jumps substantially as you move up in stakes.

It’s easy for rakeback to push you to slightly higher stakes than your bankroll and psyche can really handle, so be sure to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your bankroll management under control.

CounterBalance: Free Training Videos

One way to counteract the above trends is to take advantage of some of the perks RakeBrain members can access.

For example you can get free poker training at video sites such as DeucesCracked and PokerSavvy Plus and as members can claim free 30-day memberships at either poker training site.

Training videos can be a great way to not only improve your poker game but to also take a break from the grind when you need it most.

Instead of wasting your time playing World of Warcraft you’ll be improving your game even while you take a much needed break from the actual action at the online tables.

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