Snowking_85, KopplarJocke win PokerStars events

The Prize Money

Christmas came early for Snowking_85 and KopplarJocke. During the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million at PokerStars this weekend, they turned in performances worthy of first-place prizes.

First up was Snowking_85, who proved his worth as royalty, in the Sunday Warm-Up. The event drew 3,837 players this week to create a $767,400 prize pool.

That prize pool would be split between the top 585 players, with the $99,762 top prize going to the winner. This week that winner was Snowking_85.

He had a tough heads-up battle against jas21 to get through to earn that win, however. They started out nearly even in chips, but as they went into the last break of the day, jas21 had pulled into a 2-1 chip lead.


After the break Snowking_85 clawed his way back into the lead. The final hand that put jas21 firmly into second place came when Snowking_85 raised it up pre-flop and jas21 made the call to see a flop of T Q 9.

Snowking_85 led out with a bet and jas21 moved all-in over the top. He had #KhTd for second pair and a straight draw, while Snowking_85 called with 9 T for two pair. A 9 on the turn ended any hope for jas21, and the final A on the river made no difference to anyone.

The final-table results, with no chop this time around, were:

Place Name Prize
1st Snowking_85 $99,762
2nd jas21 $69,066
3rd dan82mur $46,044
4th ael1979 $38,370
5th OMGSHIPIT $30,696
6th cadillacsa $23,022
7th AhKhQhJh10h $15,348
8th eitishoo $9,592.50
9th liverdracon $6,599.64

The Sunday Warm-Up was just the tip of the iceberg though. The main event for Sunday's online poker tournament fare at PokerStars is the Sunday Million. This week 8,015 players showed up to play and created a $1,603,000 prize pool.

The top prize was $196,367.50 before it was reworked through a four-way chop toward the end of the tournament. After a chop and playing for a remaining $30,000, KopplarJocke actually walked away with a top prize of $130,723.59.

The final table for the Sunday Million started out looking like this:

  • Seat 1: crazylarry43 (15,059,126 in chips)
  • Seat 2: tAAggart (2,531,626 in chips)
  • Seat 3: dstrung (12,033,491 in chips)
  • Seat 4: KopplarJocke (4,990,670 in chips)
  • Seat 5: vuki (26,436,817 in chips) out of hand
  • Seat 6: gladik (5,689,408 in chips) out of hand
  • Seat 7: mezyoureyez (2,709,944 in chips) out of hand
  • Seat 8: DFGBOYS (4,995,812 in chips)
  • Seat 9: phil steve (5,703,106 in chips)

More than a few players were looking like short stacks versus vuki's monstrous chip lead going into the final table. They were going to have to double up fast or be left in the dirt, which is probably why mezyoureyez made a move early on.

He pushed all-in with pocket nines, and vuki called with 7 6. When the board brought three spades for vuki and no help for mezyoureyez, mezyoureyez claimed the ninth-place payout.

A few more minutes later tAAggart also headed to the rail when his pocket aces were busted by pocket tens after the appearance of a ten on the flop.

Although gladik did manage a successful double-up once through crazylarry43, he couldn't make it work a second time against phil steve and went out in seventh place.

At this point the first talk about chopping the pot started, but dstrung and crazylarry43 weren't responding to a possible deal, and it had to be tabled for a while.

Out next was dstrung, who came up against DFGBOYS, whose ace-kicker was strong enough to give him the hand and give dstrung the boot. It didn't help DFGBOYS any though as he ended up eliminated next to claim fifth place.

At that point the four remaining players agreed to chop the remainder of the pot based on their chip counts and leave $30,000 for the winner to play for. The chop looked like this:

  • vuki: $133,610.69
  • phil steve: $119,579.58
  • crazylarry43: $107,565.94
  • KopplarJocke: $100,723.59

Both KopplarJocke and vuki ended up with early double-ups after the deal was made, but vuki couldn't turn it into a bigger hot streak. He ended up out in fourth place and pocketed his $133,610.69 from the deal.

There were lots of all-ins and double-ups after that as well until phil steve was finally caught on the losing end when his 9 6 was beat by KopplarJocke's A 3 when four diamonds hit the board.

Then it was just down to KopplarJocke and crazylarry43. KopplarJocke had a tremendous chip lead at the start of heads-up, but crazylarry43 gave him a good fight, actually taking the lead at one point before losing ground again and ultimately losing the battle.

The final-table results, including the four-way chop, were:

Place Name Prize
1st KopplarJocke $130,723.59
2nd crazylary43 $107,565.94
3rd phil steve $119,579.58
4th Vuki $133,610.69
5th DFGBOYS $56,906.50
6th dstrung $40,876.50
7th gladik $28,052.50
8th tAAggart $18,434.50
9th mezyoureyez $11,221

For more information about these events or to join in the fun at the poker site, visit PokerStars.

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