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David Ulliott

Vicky Coren says it's the most fun she's had with a group full of men since the summer of '76. Kenna James was chewing his nails during what he likens to an "emotional rollercoaster ride." To Marty Wilson, it's the greatest show on Earth. "It" is's Premier League Poker, airing May 22 in the U.K.

But first the poker room has teamed up with Matchroom Sport to offer a sneak preview of the pro-laden tournament.

Visit to watch 12 of the world's top poker players compete for $500,000.

Among the elite were Andy Black, Kiril Gerasimov, Liz Lieu, Ian Frazer, Roland De Wolfe, Vicky Coren, Juha Helppi, Kenna James and Eddy Scharf.

Each pro bought in for $20,000 and added $260,000 to the prize pool. After each pro played six times, the top four advanced to the final table, with the bottom four waging a heads-up battle for the two remaining seats.

The action - filmed at Maidstone Studios in Kent in February and March - will appear on Channel 4 in the U.K. later this month, and the pros who competed seem to have no doubt the tournament will entertain.

"Wow!" said Frazer in a release Wednesday. "While this was the most tense and thrilling event I have ever played in, it was also full of antics and jokes that will probably never be seen again."

For his part, Hellmuth promised "electric" television while Helppi said Premier League Poker's perfect structure will make it interesting to watch.

Reality TV fans won't be disappointed. Or, at least, Ulliott doesn't think so.

"This is a totally different concept and will make great television, it's like a poker Big Brother," he said. "It sets a new bar for televised poker."

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