Small Town Poker Tour checks Canada out

The Small Town Poker Tour (STPT) has scouted several sites in Canada, it was recently announced. According to Mark Fracalossi, executive producer of the STPT and CEO of AMT Media LLC, the STPT's parent company, tour representatives spent a number of days traveling between Price Albert and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and stopped at a few destinations in between.

"I was a guest of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA), and visited a few of their casinos," said Fracalossi, who is also credited with creating the show. "The beauty of Saskatchewan would transfer beautifully to film, it is an area rich in history and truly is a wonderful place, I will be back," he revealed.

The STPT is widely considered the world's largest amateur poker tour, and has been generating a lot of press in recent weeks due to the announcement of upcoming tours in Europe and Australia. The series will begin filming its flagship season in the United States this coming winter, and will broadcast the tour to international audiences on television networks across the world.

The Small Town Poker Tour will feature a cross-country search for the nation's best amateur No-Limit Hold'em poker player. The production will focus on the tour's "small town flavor," with tournament finals played out in casinos and the remainder of the tour consisting of back road poker playing. All money raised by the tour will be donated to local charities.

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