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Kinexxx and halfdozen999 aren't exactly unknowns, but in comparison to names such as Patrik Antonius and David Benyamine, these two nosebleed players may seem rather low-profile.

But they proved they can gambool with the big boys in a hand on Rob Hollink ($20,000), is sitting out
halfdozen999 posts the small blind of $200
kinexxx posts the big blind of $400
The button is in seat #4
halfdozen999 raises to $1,200
kinexxx raises to $3,600
halfdozen999 calls $2,400
Flop [5 Q 8]
kinexxx has 15 seconds left to act
kinexxx bets $4,400
halfdozen999 raises to $18,198.50, and is all-in
kinexxx calls $13,798.50
halfdozen999 shows [3 Q 6 8]
kinexxx shows [3 A Q 5]

Turn [5 Q 8] [4]

River [5 Q 8 4] [K]
halfdozen999 shows two pair, queens and eights
kinexxx shows two pair, queens and fives
halfdozen999 wins the pot ($43,596.50) with two pair, queens and eights

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