Six-figure weekend for Sunday Million players

The Spoils of War

You probably wouldn't have guessed there was hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line in the PokerStars Sunday Million. Rather than wage a cutthroat fight to the end, the top five players chose to make a friendly deal that left them all with a six-figure payday.

Coming out on top of that deal was KipsterDK, from Denmark, who earned $149,860.76 after the remaining prize pool was chopped up.

It must have been the weekend for making deals at PokerStars. Though the prize pools in question weren't nearly as lucrative as the Sunday Million chop, the top players in the Sunday Hundred Grand, $5,200 Freezeout and the $150k Guaranteed all settled away from the felt rather than letting the cards determine the winner.


The results of the PokerStars Sunday Million final table as well as the poker site's other big-money Sunday tournaments are:

Sunday Million

Results are based on finishing order plus a five-way deal.

Place Name Country Prize
1st KipsterDK Denmark $149,860.76
2nd plattsburgh United States $133,396.88
3rd tshooter1970 United States $143,314.23
4th futilewar Israel $108,479.24
5th pearljam1012 Canada $112,297.34
6th iamhiv United States $45,225.50
7th caicu Portugal $32,749.50
8th jmmeijer Netherlands $20,585.40
9th DCal Zone United States $12,164.10

Sunday Warm-Up

Place Name Country Prize
1st Big_Col11 United Kingdom $114,810.96
2nd diatty Ukraine $58,568.88
3rd HopeUfold Sweden $42,081.84
4th thedylan1 United States $33,240
5th RiverMegl Denmark $26,060.16
6th petit ponche Switzerland $19,279.20
7th SOXFAN83 United States $13,960.80
8th Dyzalot United States $8,775.36
9th JohnnyBax United States $5,185.44

Sunday Hundred Grand

Results are based on the finishing order and a three-way deal.

Place Name Country Prize
1st FABERGE United Kingdom $15,915.64
2nd Hergo Denmark $11,808.23
3rd s_t_bux_a_x United States $11,229.97
4th mojoj0j0 United States $5,224.67
5th konni05 Finland $3,144.05
6th acwa3 United States $2,103.74
7th xx DA_LOC xx United States $1,687.62
8th Myxj12 United States $1,271.50
9th firasfn France $1,040.32

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st MrCasino United States $50,508.90
2nd ladyluck00 Canada $37,414
3rd master06 Germany $28,780
4th truesyalose United States $21,585
5th Manu4ever10 United States $15,109.50
6th Doli Poland $12,231.50
7th ratoneBR Brazil $9,353.50
8th ricodemus Finland $6,475.50
9th gambler9996 Canada $4,029.20

Sunday $5,200 Freezeout

Final results are based on a two-way deal.

Place Name Country Prize
1st quzzo Sweden $62,500
2nd MattEMenz United States $37,500

$215+Rebuys $150,000 Guaranteed

Results are based on the finishing order and a three-way deal.

Place Name Country Prize
1st rkruok Australia $39,687.42
2nd ante_geia_AA Cyprus $34,951.36
3rd Scalper34 United States $31,632.02
4th SwissCantMis Germany $17,936
5th $30k United States $13,452
6th THAY3R United States $10,537.40
7th Anbessa9 United States $8,071.20
8th holdplz United States $5,829.20

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