Sincinaty118 Wins $5m Sunday Million, Shorr Takes Sunday 500

Shannon Shorr
Shannon Shorr

Ireland’s sincinaty118 scooped $421,971 in the enormous $5m GTD PokerStars Sunday Million yesterday while Shannon Shorr won the Sunday 500 for the second time of his career.

The massive $5 million-guarantee on this week’s Sunday Million ensured that PokerStars would be packed with players.

A total of 26,925 entries in the Sunday Million cranked the prizepool up to a staggering $5.3 million.

Originally the first-place prize was set at $484k but that proved to be just a tad top-heavy for the last five players.

They decided to cut a deal, which guaranteed sincinaty118 at least $321,971. He would eventually win a lot more than that as he beat Israeli FLasHBa3k heads-up to snag the title for a potentially life-changing $421,971.

Here’s how the final table payouts worked out (*reflects the five-way deal):

  • 1. sincinaty118 (Ireland) $421,971.88*
  • 2. FLasHBa3k (Israel) $261,359.81*
  • 3. dadoferal (Montenegro) $230,028.85*
  • 4. bdklizm (Norway) $229,450.46*
  • 5. elastobert (Germany) $240,595.50*
  • 6. Alfons777999 (Russia) $80,775
  • 7. Mr.Hazard70 (Finland) $53,850
  • 8. socke2506 (Germany) $40,387.50
  • 9. zet1981 (Austria) $26,925

Shannon Shorr Wins Second Sunday 500 for $84k

The Sunday Million may have been the biggest online tournament yesterday but it certainly wasn’t the only one.

Noted pro Shannon Shorr outlasted 918 players to win the Sunday 500 outright for $82,620. It’s the second time Shorr’s won the Sunday 500. Shorr won the Sunday 500 for the first time last year.

Shorr had to battle Australian Rayan “rkruok” Nathan heads-up to clinch the title. Nathan received $58,889 for coming in second.

The final table also featured pros Niclas “mezzias” Adolfsson and Aaron “Aguskb” Gustavson.

Here are the complete final table payouts:

  • 1. Shannon "basebal1b" Shorr (Costa Rica) $82,620
  • 2. Rayan "rkruok" Nathan (Australia) $58,889.70
  • 3. fuddebuf (Denmark) $44,064
  • 4. hassan77 (Norway) $33,048
  • 5. mezzias (Sweden) $22,950
  • 6. Aguskb (Macau) $18,360
  • 7. Sheeter 200 (Canada) $13,770
  • 8. OxXs (Panama) $9,180
  • 9. psjebemvas (Serbia) $5,508

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