Shuffle off to Buffalo for Johnny Chan University

Johnny Chan

One of the most legendary faces in poker is, according to the Buffalo News, about to lend his name to an online school for casino dealers. The best part for students: You never actually have to go to Buffalo.

According to the paper, Chan's company will license the Casino Career Training Center in Buffalo to operate an Internet school for dealers to be dubbed "Johnny Chan University."

The main idea: cash in on the booming casino business by training the tens of thousands of dealers expected to be needed around the world in the next few years, particularly in Asia.

Actual brick-and-mortar schools under Chan's name will also be set-up in Buffalo, Las Vegas and Macau, but the online training is the nugget that holds the most promise according to Steven DePutter, head of the Buffalo casino school.

"This Internet thing is going to explode," he told the paper. "I want to train all of Asia - the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan ... "

The plan - if the required educational license can be acquired - is for a 100-hour online class delivered through a set of instructional videos, and instructors working with students through webcams.

Grades will be based on video exams, with graduates also having a video resume for employers when they're done.

Yet another car in an ever-expanding business train for the 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, Nick Koustas, manager of Chan Poker, told the paper he felt strongly about the latest entrepreneurial foray for the "Orient Express."

"We spent some time at their office in Buffalo (and) looked at the online content," Koustas said. "We were pretty impressed with their content and ability."

Chan's expected commitment: one hour a month.

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