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Poker Players Alliance Poker Table

Host your next home game in style and support the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) at the same time with the organization's two new official poker tables, available online now.

The poker player lobbyist group has just introduced the tables - a deluxe competition affair and a portable version - which feature a center PPA logo on the felt.

The deluxe table is in black with a pine and leather rail and is trumpeted by the site as a high-quality venue for hosting a weekly game. The product is priced at $999, with shipping included.

For poker to go, pick up the portable table for $499, including shipping. This version is all black with two PPA logos and features seating for 10 players, cup holders, chip racks and collapsible legs for convenient storage.

Both tables can bought online at For both products, please allow 45-60 days for delivery.

The tables are one of many ways the Poker Players Alliance has worked to shore up support for America's favorite card game of late.

Though recent efforts have focused on bolstering member numbers and securing political ties for lobbying Washington on the game's behalf, the PPA is also looking to individual poker players to fight for their own rights.

In a recent post on the 2+2 forums, attorney and PPA founder Tony Cabot spoke of the need for players to throw their collective weight behind the current legal clash with the U.S. government following the online gambling ban and grow the organization to the one-million member mark.

"If poker players want to regain their rights, they need to ban and act together," Cabot wrote. "Congress will not act to protect your rights unless they think by not doing so it may impact their ability to get reelected. I know of no other organization other than the PPA that has the capability of uniting the poker world in this cause."

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