Short-handed, Razz WCOOP events yield champs

Alexander Kravchenko
Alex Kravchenko made a strong showing in Event 9.

The WCOOP hasn't been running a full week yet, but 10 champions have already been crowned. Two of those winners claimed their spots in PokerStars history last night.

Event 9

Event 9, the $215 No-Limit Hold'em (four-max), was a wild celebration of short-handed poker, the even more aggro cousin of the six-max games that have become so popular online since the poker boom began.

An amazing 3,290 players showed up to take part in the event, building a total prize pool of $658,000. In holding with the pattern of this year's WCOOP, that shattered the guarantee of $400,000.

The pace of the event was blistering, with nearly two-thirds of the field being eliminated before the second break. Less than seven hours after beginning there were barely 100 players remaining.

Team PokerStars pro Alex Kravchenko made a strong showing in the event, outlasting his fellow team members by playing effective and aggressive poker throughout. He eventually fell short in 26th place, earning $2,697.80.

The final table was a tight affair, no surprise given the huge pay jumps from fourth place to first. Two full hours would pass before the first elimination, when jonasof87 took out 3232. That gave jonasof87 the momentum he needed; he took out both his remaining opponents to claim the win and the WCOOP bracelet.

Finishing order was as follows:


Event 10

Event 10 saw a change of pace from the day's first event, with players ponying up $215 each for a shot at getting kicked in the junk by Razz. A solid field of 1,288 players turned up to build a $257,600 prize pool, again shattering the guarantee of $100,000.

Despite having the last two WSOP bracelet winners in Razz on its roster, Team PokerStars Pro failed to make a showing anywhere near the final table. Its highest-placing pro was former WSOP Main Event final tablist Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan, who secured 113th place and a payout of $515.20.

The final table was reached after about 12 hours of play, with stakes at $20,000/$40,000 and antes of $2,000. For some perspective, consider that the starting stack was worth $3,000.


Eventual champion dinho_style was at about $100,000 in chips when hand-for-hand play began, but he worked that stack up to over $500,000 by the time the final table was set.

His first big break at the final table came in a pot worth $642,500 when SunTzu7076 missed a wheel draw, building dinho_style's stack up to over $1.1 million and enabling him to power through to heads-up play.

By the time only two players remained, dinho_style held a 3-1 chip lead. He would relinquish the lead for a short time, but not long afterward he reclaimed it with big back-to-back pots, including a win with 9-8-5-2-A against oneftwons' 9-8-6-2-A.

Shortly thereafter, dinho_style had wrapped up the win and secured his place in the annals of WCOOP winners.

The top eight spots looked this way when the pokering was over:

7th bad_beat_bud

More WCOOP action gets under way today at PokerStars, with Event 11 (Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo) and Event 12 (Mixed Hold'em Six-Max) starting up this afternoon. Rely on for a full recap after those events are completed.

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