Shoot'em Poker launches for cell phones

Ship Teh Chips

The options for playing poker on your cell phone just keep coming. The latest is Shoot'em Poker from Best Direction Inc. It began distribution on Verizon Wireless Thursday.

Giving it an "Old West" flair, the game combines the game of poker with the skills of a shooting game.

Players are dealt their cards and can discard unwanted cards. Replacement cards then scroll across the screen face up for the player to try to shoot the card the want to make the best hand.

Adding to the challenge is that players have a limited amount of time to shoot the card they want.

Betting and all of the traditional poker rules apply.

"The elements of poker expertise and gaming skills interact to ensure an extremely rewarding gaming experience," said Best Direction in a press release.

"Shoot'em Poker has accomplished a rare feat in cell phone entertainment - it is truly unique, yet it surrounds itself with the familiar rules of Five-Card Draw Poker, a game that is universally known and enjoyed."

According to the company, the combination of high-stakes poker with an arcade-like setting sets Shoot'em Poker apart from all other mobile casino games.

"The power of the computer and popularity of cell phones have enabled us to enhance a classic game and distribute it to poker fans everywhere," said Dex Matheson, Best Direction president. "Our goal is to continue to develop more original, quality titles for the mobile market."

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