Shawn Buchanan gets a little lucky for $40k

Shawn Buchanan

WPT champion and WSOP final-table finisher Shawn Buchanan got a little help from lady luck in this hand against high-stakes regular theJOKER-JSB.

In these days of nosebleed stakes, two poker professionals playing $100/$200 No-Limit heads-up is barely newsworthy. In reality, however, in this hand these two relatively unknown professionals had close to $100,000 in play between the two of them.

Shawn Buchanan (buck99) has been playing high-stakes poker for a few years now, and typically when Buchanan gets $40,000 into a pot he gets it in with the best of it. In this pot he managed to get it all-in with eight outs, only one card to go.


Luck for Buck came through to ship him a pot worth just less than $80k, and make theJOKER-JSB mad enough to put his monitor through a window. At least that's how I might have reacted.

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You can also watch the hand as it happened in PokerListings' hand replayer below.

Game: $100/$200 - Hold'em Table: Solvay (deep hu) Players: buck99, TheJOKER-JSB Date: Feb. 14, 2009 6:48:39 ET Hand ID: 10621966893

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