Shaun Deeb headlines PokerStars' Sunday

Shaun Deeb

PokerStars' jam-packed Sundays show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The most recent edition saw some familiar faces like FU_15, JOEYTHEB, HelmetSky, Daniel Alaei (as Steamraise) and noted poker pro Shaun Deeb take down considerable scores.

Deeb described his performance in his first six-figure score on his blog at . By the sounds of the blog his most important hand came on a raggedy board with him holding AA while his opponent, who was chip leader at the time, held JJ. All the chips went in the middle and Deeb took down the pot of the tournament.

When Deeb got heads-up against milldollbaby a chop was discussed but the numbers didn't add up according to Deeb so they played it out. It was the right choice for Deeb as he took down an impressive $102,542 for coming in first with no chop.

The victory could also have lasting implications for the PokerStars Tournament Leaderboard, which Deeb won last year.

Deeb wasn't the only player to score a six-figure payday, however. Daniel Alaei had to get past players like Annette Obrestad, Sorel Mizzi, Bryn Kenney but eventually emerged victorious in the winner-take-all $5,200 freezeout. Alaei took home $100,000 and some serious bragging rights.

Last but not least, PKerBL of Australia took down the biggest one of the day - the PokerStars Sunday Million. PKerBL took down $193,339 after beating AQUA RAIDER in heads-up.

Here's a look at the complete final-table results of PokerStars Sunday, May 11, 2008:

PokerStars Sunday Million Final-Table Results

1. PKerBL (Australia) $193,339.20
2. AQUA RAIDER (Canada) $97,355.20
3. Snitch24 (Netherlands) $68,560.00
4. FeFranco (Brazil) $54,848.00
5. Ollowain (Germany) $41,136.00
6. jp4est (United States) $30,166.40
7. roniirani (New Zealand) $21,253.60
8. Talgamer13 (United States) $12,340.80
9. HelmetSky (Israel) $8,090.08

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up Final-Table Results

1. shaundeeb (United States) $102,542.64
2. milldollbaby (Norway0 $52,135.60
3. Barlor (Germany) $34,515.44
4. PokerfaceJac (United Kingdom) $28,437.60
5. achenhausen (Norway) $22,861.60
6. MyHomeSVegaS (Hungary) $17,285.60
7. skanky980 (United States) $12,155.68
8. klask (Thailand) $7,694.88
9. REUVENG (United States) $4,460.80

PokerStars Sunday Hundred Grand Final-Table Results
1. Kurt_Jara (Austria) $18,474.39
2. phins1013 (United States) $9,237.20
3. oop64AA (Denmark) $6,401.22
4. BUDFU (United States) $4,578.09
5. HeadwoundHal (United States) $2,754.96
6. river_jackq (Spain) $1,843.39
7. *kAzz*_01 (Belgium) $1,478.77
8. ScooterPie01 (Germany) $1,195.17
9. Batera (United States) $911.57

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance Final-Table Results
1. adamyor125 (United Kingdom) $46,823.40
2. pl4n-G (Germany) $34,684.00
3. Karma4477 (United States) $26,680.00
4. idolaf (Netherlands) $20,010.00
5. bambinus (Brazil) $14,007.00
6. SKUNK1xHAZE (United States) $11,339.00
7. grapedrink07 (United States) $8,671.00
8. Cre8ive (United States) $6,003.00

PokerStars Sunday $5,200 Freezeout Results

1. steamraise (United States) $100,000.00

PokerStars $215+R NLHE Final-Table Results

1. FU_15 (United States) $48,400.00
2. FastEddie267 (United States) $33,220.00
3. firas71 (Brazil) $22,660.00
4. JOEYTHEB (United States) $17,600.00
5. LUHMAN (United States $13,200.00
6. manfred dahm (Germany) $10,340.00
7. AMAK316 (United States) $7,920.00
8. stevetAA (United States) $5,720.00
9. Dr Vanostrom (United States) $3,520.00

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