Sexton In, Salsberg Bubbles WPT Venice Final Table

Sexton: More than just the voice of poker.

The final table of six is set at WPT Venice with poker icon Mike Sexton living up to his pedigree and earning himself a seat.

Dominating for much of Day 4 today in Venice, Sexton finally settled back to just over a million in chips to be the third-biggest stack at the final table.

The other five stacks joining him?

All belonging to Italian players as fellow American Matt Salsberg - a three-time WPT final tablist in the last six months - hit the rail in seventh to be the unfortunate bubble boy.

Hero Call Hurts Salsberg, Bracelet-Winner Palumbo Hangs In

Salsberg, one of the leading candidates for WPT Player of the Year, looked primed to make his fourth final table before a hero call against Giuseppe Pastura dropped him down to just 10 BBs.

Bad breaks for Salsberg.

Correctly sniffing out a bluff until the river when Pastura hit a queen for second pair, Salsberg made a valiant comeback afterward but had to settle for seventh when another river card - this time giving Marcello Montagner a straight - sent him packing.

Salsberg heads home with €20,800 for his run while Montagner will take the chip lead at 1.8 million into tomorrow's TV table.

Joining him and Sexton in the final will be Robert Begni (1.2 million) and a trio of small-stacked Italians in Day 3 chip leader Erion Islamay (406,000), WSOP bracelet winner Rocco Palumbo (406,000) and Xia Lin (309,000).

The official WPT Venice Grand Prix final table and seat assignments.

  • Seat 1 - Xia Lin - 309,000
  • Seat 2 - Rocco Palumbo - 406,000
  • Seat 3 - Mike Sexton - 1,079,000
  • Seat 4 - Erion Islamay - 406,000
  • Seat 5 - Marcello Montagner - 1,805,000
  • Seat 6 - Robert Begni - 1,203,000

Final-table action picks up again at 2:30 local time with live updates and a live stream available on here.

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