Several nations begin talks about universal standards for online gambling

More than 30 countries showed up in London this week for a summit to discuss universal regulations for online gambling. The goal of the summit, organized by Britain, is to get international agreement on a code of practice for the industry since it is a global business.

The summits efforts have been focused on coming up with a communiqué that would set out the international code of practice, but so far they've been unable to come to complete agreement on it.

In a draft communiqué some general principles have been outlined saying that online gambling shouldn't become a source of crime or fund criminal activities, and it should be fair to consumers at the same time keep children and problem gamblers protected from it.

Mark Mendel, a lawyer advising Antigua and Barbuda and participant at the summit, said the disagreements that people had so far about regulations set out in the communiqué were minor. They expect to reach a final agreement within days.

Some of the other nations participating in the summit include New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Malta and Costa Rica.

Notably absent from the summit was the United States which recently passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) as another step in preventing U.S. residents from gambling online.

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