Seven men imprisoned in Dubai after poker den raid

One man has been found guilty of running a gaming den from his home in Dubai, and his six friends have been sentenced to jail for gambling.

The host, a fifty-four year old Indian cook whose full identity has not been released, has been sentenced to three months in jail for running a poker parlor and gambling. The six other men found in the apartment at the time of the raid have been jailed for one month each on charges of gambling.

All of these men were Indians, three of them were visiting Dubai as tourists and four were working in the Persian Gulf state. Each of the 6 guests admitted to paying a fee of Dh10 to enter the den and participate in games, while the host admitted to the crimes of gambling and running a poker den.

Police, acting on an informer's tip, found a poker table in the apartment at the time of the raid, with money and playing cards in front of each player seated at the table. The police confiscated the cards and the money, which amounted to a total of Dh4,000, as well as a couple of $100 bills.

Dubai follows the Muslim legal code of Sharia, which views gambling and the running of a gambling establishment as illegal acts punishable by law.

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