Serock, Elias, Crowe Come Up Big on PCA Day 3

Darren Elias
Darren Elias

Online grinders Joe Serock, Darren Elias and Owen Crowe are all in the top five chip counts after a furious Day 3 of the 2013 PCA.

Only 59 of the original 166 players who started the day bagged up chips at the end of play. 

Serock, Elias and Crowe are all up over a million chips but they are all chasing chip-leader Patrick Kelly who amassed 1.7 million.

Despite some notable scores over the years Serock, Elias and Crowe have yet to win a major poker tournament.

Crowe is the only player of the three to have actually cashed in the $10k PCA Main Event. He finished 71st in the 2010 edition of the event but he’s already surpassed that number.

Other notables still in the field include Yann Dion, Robert Mizrachi, Ryan Carter, Mikal Blomlie, Olivier Busquet, Carlos Mortensen, Eugene Katchalov, Griffin Benger, Greg Mueller and Scott Clements.

Joe Serock
Joe Serock

Eddy Sabat, who busted Olympian Michael Phelps on Day 2, is also still in the hunt with 727,000 chips.

Jake Cody is also still looking to make some noise in the first live tournament he’s played since signing with PokerStars. The Rochdale-native is holding on with 247,000.

Here are the top 10 chip counts heading into Day 4:

  • 1. Patrick Kelly – 1,750,000
  • 2. Joe Serock – 1,320,000
  • 3. Darren Elias – 1,040,000
  • 4. Michael Lipman – 1,035,000
  • 5. Owen Crowe – 1,000,000
  • 6. Maxim Panyak – 989,000
  • 7. Nicolas Godoy – 848,000
  • 8. Yann Dion – 829,000
  • 9. Jerry Wong – 808,000
  • 10. Anthony Borde – 796,000

Mizrachi Bursts Bubble by Eliminating Two Players

Robert Mizrachi
Robert Mizrachi

Robert Mizrachi emphatically put an end to hand-for-hand play by busting two players from the tournament.

Mizrachi had the fortune of getting all-in with pocket aces against Vegard Froshaug’s pocket queens and Joao Santos’ ace-queen.

The 144 remaining players at that point were all guaranteed at least $15,000.

George Danzer, Fatima Moreiera De Melo, Shannon Shorr, Will Molson, Dwyte Pilgrim, Matt Glantz, Joe Cada, Ashton Griffin and Jesse Sylvia were among the players to cash on Day 3.

Michael Mizrachi, Matt Stout and Calvin Anderson had the misfortune of busting near the end of play.

Play in the 2013 PCA Main Event resumes tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. local time.

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