Sergio Garcia Takes Swing at 2011 PCA

Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia

World-renowned Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia traded his golf clubs for chips, cards and a shot at poker glory this weekend.

Garcia, an admitted amateur when it comes to the game, played in Day 1b of the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and despite lasting only a few levels spoke highly of the experience.

“It was great,” he said. “It’s such a big event. It’s a shame I kinda screwed up in one of my hands.”

A seven-time PGA winner who also has eight European Tour titles, Garcia ran top-pair top-kicker into a set. He was essentially crippled in the hand and was never able to recover.

The Spaniard won a seat in the $1,100 PCA Super Satellite the previous night and was playing the main event on his birthday.

It's not his first foray into poker, as last year Garcia appeared on the Spanish Estrellas en Juego TV poker show and won it.

Although Garcia is still just a recreational poker player he did mention the skill set required for the game parallels professional golf in some ways.

“Any time you try do something at a high level it’s going to be tough and there are going to be some similarities,” he said. “There’s a huge mental game in both and it’s important to have mental strength.”

You can strike images of a home game with Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Phil Mickelson from your mind, however.

“No I haven’t really played poker on the [PGA tour],” he said. “I play more when I’m back at home.”

Despite his early departure from the 2011 PCA main event, there’s a good chance Garcia will pop up on the poker circuit several times over the upcoming year.

“I don’t play as much poker as people might think because I’m usually playing golf,” he said. “I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to a few more tournaments and getting some experience in them.”

The 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure continues through Jan. 17. Keep checking PokerListings for live updates and news from the tournament.

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