Seiver Crushes Cates for Premier League V Title

Scott Seiver
Premier League V champion Scott Seiver.

Two Americans went heads-up earlier today at the Party Poker Premier League V final table with Scott Seiver defeating Dan Cates to take the title and $500,000.

The tournament came down to a massive all-in coin flip, with a dramatic river card clinching the victory for former WPT and WSOP winner Scott Seiver.

It was an all-star lineup at the final table in Vienna, with marquee names like Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius battling for a piece of the $1.4 million final-table prize pool.

The latest Premier League event featured 16 poker stars and a $125,000 buy-in, with Party Poker putting up an additional $200,000.

When the final eight players took to the final table felt it was 23-year-old UK pro Mathew Frankland in the lead.

Frankland qualified for this event through a $700 satellite on Party Poker but faltered and ultimately fell early at the final table.

The first player out, however, was Frankland’s fellow Brit Sam Trickett.

Terrible Day for Trickett

Sam Trickett has been on fire in the last few years, earning in excess of $6.3 million playing live tournaments since 2007, but nothing went right for him this afternoon in Vienna.

Trickett ran A K into pocket aces to double up Patrik Antonius early in the match, and then lost a big pot to Tony G.

Trickett had 3-bet pocket queens and got called by G’s A T. The flop came ace-high and a queen hit the turn, with plenty going in on each street.

Trickett made the difficult fold when a king landed on the river, but was left running on fumes and busted shortly after.

Following Trickett and Frankland out the door was Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

The high-stakes legend got it in bad with K 6 against Scott Seiver’s pocket sevens and couldn’t catch.

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

Action ramped up five-handed with Tony G and Patrik Antonius going broke in rapid succession.

G was short but managed to get it in with A K against Dan Cates’ A Q. A queen on the river gave the pot to Cates and sent Tony G home in fifth.

Antonius rode his earlier double-up to fourth place but was forced to ship with A-9, snapped off by Phil Laak with pocket queens.

Paving the way for the heads-up match was Phil Laak’s exit in third.

Laak Out, Seiver and Cates Heads-Up

Laak was crippled when he lost a big pre-flop all-in to Dan Cates with A-T against K-8. A king on the turn left Laak as the shortstack.

A few more lost pots and Laak was all-in with 4 2 against Seiver’s A T.

Seiver won that pot to pull virtually even with Dan Cates heading into the heads-up match.

Seiver took the lead in the first few hands, chipping up to a roughly two to one advantage before getting Cates all-in.

Pocket sevens for Dan Cates were flipping against Scott Seiver’s K-Q, and they managed to hold up until a king fell on the river.

Dan Cates takes second for $300,000, tweeting:

@junglemandan  Got 2nd in the Premier League, 2n best can't complain :)

Seiver, meanwhile, received the title and half a million dollars in prize money, which judging by his tweet was destined to be spent wisely.

@scott_seiver  I won! Party at passage tonight 11PM. Just show up or text me if you want to come.

Here are the official results for the Premier League V final table:

1st: Scott Seiver - $500,000
2nd: Daniel Cates - $300,000
3rd: Phil Laak - $175,000
4th: Patrik Antonius - $125,000
5th: Tony G - $100,000
6th: Tom Dwan - $80,000
7th: Mathew Frankland - $65,000
8th: Sam Trickett - $55,000

Listen to a few words from Scott Seiver in this Party Poker interview.

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