Seidel Stacked as 2,144 Players Swarm Rio on Main Event Day 1b

The 2014 WSOP Main Event rebounded with a strong Day 1b that featured a total of 2,144 players looking to win poker’s ultimate prize.

While the top 10 chip counts were dominated by relatively unknown players, Erik Seidel, Matt Affleck and Marvin Rettenmaier each managed to build stacks of over 100,000 chips.

With two starting days in the books there are a total of 2,915 players in the 2014 Main Event. WSOP staff are confident Day 1c tomorrow will be the biggest starting day in the history of the tournament and could break the record of 3,467 players.

Day 1b attracted the likes of Matt Affleck, Marvin Rettenmaier, Erik Seidel, David Williams, Fabrice Soulier, Vanessa Selbst, Joe Serock and Jason Somerville.

Seed Faces Harrington in World Champion Battle

Ray Romano
Ray Romano

There was a sense of deja vu on Day 1b as there were two former champions seated at the feature table to start the day.

On Day 1a it was Greg Merson and Ryan Riess. On Day 1b it was much more of a throwback with mid-90s champs Dan Harrington and Huck Seed sitting right next to each other.

Both Harrington and Seed survived to Day 2.

For the eighth straight year Ray Romano took a seat in Main Event but this time around he brought a special friend and it wasn’t Brad Garrett. Romano actually helped buy his son Matthew into the Main Event.

Considering Ray is 0-7 in the Main Event perhaps it’s Matthew who will be able to do the Romano family proud in this year’s tournament.

Of course there were plenty of eliminations with Dan Shak, Chris Moorman, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Robert Mizrachi and Andy Black all busting.

All the survivors from Day 1b will return to play Day 2 on Wednesday. Meanwhile Day 1c begins at 12 p.m. tomorrow.

For the first time ever PokerListings is doing “On Demand” live coverage of the Main Event, which means we will answer your questions about the tournament in real-time. Give us your suggestions in the comments on our On Demand news story or by Twitter.

Here are the top 10 chip counts to end the day courtesy of

  • Trey Luxemburger - 193,450
  • Sarkis Hakobian - 190,125
  • Ryan Buckholtz - 189,000
  • Dan Wirgau - 173,350
  • Ryan Julius - 165,125
  • Maxim Panyak - 158,425
  • Jeff Norman - 156,625
  • Julian Stuer - 155,200
  • Steve Ryan - 147,500
  • Richard Moon - 146,200
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