Sebok and Smith submit to prop bet torture

Gavin Smith & Joe Sebok

Though not as entertaining as watching Gavin Smith undulating for eight seconds on a mechanical bull, the latest episode of the series Prop Bets is dripping with hilarity.

This week Smith and fellow pro poker player Joe Sebok go head to head - or rather, lay side to side - to see how long each can withstand ancient Chinese water torture.

At risk is the usual $10,000 and, for Smith, pride after losing last episode's challenge.

In the current program available for viewing online at, the guys are strapped to a board in darkness with a steady drip of water trickling down their faces.

"When you decided to give up work and become a professional poker player," says Smith after only a couple minutes of the torture, "did you envision lying strapped down on a thing with water running on your forehead?"

"The weird thing is that I tried to become a Chinese water torture expert first," replies Sebok. "I don't know; I feel I could do this for a long time."

Series such as Mythbusters have tested the same torture method, with participants lasting only 45 minutes. And although Sebok and Smith appear to hold their own, it isn't without some duplicity.

In next week's episode Sebok has his work cut out for him, as the guys match belly power in an eating contest. Future bets also showcase a stare-down and a high-five competition.

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