Sebok and Smith clash in fajita frenzy

Gavin Smith & Joe Sebok

The meal: 6.5 fajitas. The tab: $3,000. And the winner of the latest prop bet between poker pros Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith broadcast on Not who you might expect.

For the who-can-eat-more episode, a platter of fajitas and beans replaces the usual expanse of felt between Sebok and Smith.

The pair had four minutes to cram as much of the Mexican cuisine in their gullets as they could in order to win $3,000.

"I don't know if I'm going to beat Gavin today because, let's be honest, Gavin is bigger than I am," said Sebok in the episode. "He probably eats more than I do."

Still, in a competition where timing was crucial, Sebok opted to give himself the edge over Smith due to his speed.

Even Buddha himself seemed to doubt his stomach capacity after going 0-2 in the previous two challenges.

"I'm starting to lose my spirit," said Smith in the pre-chow interview. "But I'm not a huge eater. It's morning and I don't generally eat in the morning."

Next week the guys square off against female kickboxers to see who will last longer in the ring.

In another upcoming bet yet to be broadcast, rumor around the L.A. Poker Classic has it that Smith will see Sebok's initials permanently inked on his booty after busing out early and losing the pair's last-longer wager at the tournament.

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