Search for Team CelebPoker intensifies

Since the day online poker site CelebPoker announced its intention to form a team of players to represent them on the European tournament circuit, action has been hot and heavy.

Players from all over the world have logged on to play, with competition fierce to earn a spot on the CelebPoker team for an upcoming live EPT event.

Poker Room Manager, Linda Donovan says she is delighted with the competitionso far.

"Team CelebPoker has been totally embraced by our players," she says. "It goes to show that online poker players are hungrier than ever to play in live events.

We have had entrants from all over the world, which is fantastic, and the standard of play has been really high."

The search is far from over however. The qualifying period runs all the way until late August, with the competition still fairly wide open and the team far from decided.

"I am really excited about Team CelebPoker," Johnson adds. "We know that there is a great chance that we will unearth some of the best poker players in the world, and provide them with the opportunity to compete in some of the world's top live events and become true poker celebrities.

"I am confident that our Team CelebPoker will be a force to be reckoned with."

For all the details and a complete schedule of qualifying events, visit CelebPoker.

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