$1k PokerListings Freeroll to Celebrate New Full Tilt Jackpot SnG's

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Full Tilt Poker is launching a new series of Jackpot Sit & Go's and PokerListings players can celebrate with a $1,000 freeroll.

Set for June 29, 2014 at 2 pm ET, $1,000 worth of tickets to the new Jackpot SnG's will be up for grabs exclusively for PokerListings players.

That means over 450 players will get free tickets to try out the new SnG series which can multiply prize pools by up to 2000x.

More details below; if you don't already have a Full Tilt Poker account, sign up directly right here.

Private PokerListings $1,000 freeroll at Full Tilt: 

  • Date: June 29, 2014
  • Time: 14:00 EST
  • Name: PokerListings Jackpot SNG Tourn
  • Tourney ID: 268022572
  • Password: jackpotlist1052

$1,000 Total Prize Pool

  • 1-18 ($10 tickets)
  • 19-63 ($5 tickets)
  • 64-270 ($2 tickets)
  • 271-451 ($1 tickets)

To sign up and be eligible for the freeroll head to Full Tilt Poker via this link right here.

Fast Tournaments, Huge Potential Payoffs

How Jackpot SnG's work:

Players can choose tournaments at buy-in levels of $1, $2, $5 or $10 and be matched with two random opponents.

The buy-in multiplier will be randomly determined with the winner taking it all in most events. The upper tier of Jackpot tournaments, which includes 2,000x, 500x and 100x your buy-in, are split with 75% to first, 15% to second and a consolation prize of 10% for third. 

Jackpot tournaments are available in the main tab in the Full Tilt Poker lobby right next to Ring Games, Tournaments, Sit & Go's and Rush Poker.

To play a Jackpot Sit & Go you simply have to navigate to the Jackpot section (look for all the tournaments with a “J” beside them) and then register.

While Jackpot tournaments won’t take a lot of time, they could potentially win you a lot of cash with a pay off up to $15,000. Here’s how often these multipliers will pop up:

Frequency (Out of 100k)   Buy-in Multiplier   Prizepool Distribution
3 2,000 1st: 75% 2nd: 3rd: 10%
7 500 1st: 75% 2nd: 3rd: 10%
30 100 1st: 75% 2nd: 3rd: 10%
350 20 Winner-take-all
710 10 Winner-take-all
3,900 6 Winner-take-all
22,500 4 Winner-take-all
72,500 2 Winner-take-all

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Malcolm 2014-06-26 14:23:16

The max prize is $15,000, not $45,000 as noted in the article. The multiplier is multiplied by ONE buy-in (not all three).

How could Full Tilt simply multiply the total buy-in by at least double? They would be out of business in days!! (They would lose $5,550,000 per 100,000 tournaments. With the ONE buy-in method they make $150,000 per 100,000 tournaments)

So a $10 buy-in tournament with a 2,000 multiplier has a pool of $20,000 with 1st getting $15,000 (75%), 2nd getting $3,000 (15%) and 3rd getting $2,000 (10%) just as in this article here - http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/blog/vsa24-scores-15000-jackpot-sngs-1st-day/