Schwartz Seizes Massive Lead for WPT Jacksonville Final

Noah Schwartz
Noah Schwartz

Poker pro Noah Schwartz is the overwhelming chip leader heading into the final table at WPT Jacksonville today with almost 50% of the chips in play.

The South Florida native had a massive final level of the night last night to jump all the way up to 6,255,000 in chips.

Doubling up through then chip leader Hans Winzeler and then busting Shon Mekyten to set the final six, Schwartz has a giant lead to start the final table.

No one else in the final six has over 2 million with Winzeler next in line at 1,965,000.

A big lead is never a sure thing in tournament poker, though, and Schwartz will still have to play it out with five tough outs chasing him.

Winzeler, Markholt Still Lurking

While no one left is above 2 million chips no one is below 1 million either, meaning they'll all still have a decent amount of big blinds to work with.

Winzeler, a Miami-based pro with almost $1 million in live tournament cashes, has 49 BBs with his 1.9m stack.

Lee Markholt
Former WPT champ Markholt still lurking.

Right behind Winzeler is Brian Senie with 1.865 million and former WPT champ Lee Markholt with 1.7 million.

Rounding out the final six are Ryan Hartmann and pro Byron Kaverman.

Final-table action kicks off at 2:00 pm ET. Live streaming with hole cards starts on a 30-min delay at 2:30 with commentary from Raw Deal host Tony Dunst and pro Jonathan Little.

Follow the action live at

The final six and chip counts:

  • 1. Noah Schwartz - 6,255,000 (156 bb)
  • 2. Hans Winzeler - 1,965,000 (49 bb)
  • 3. Brian Senie - 1,865,000 (46 bb)
  • 4. Lee Markholt - 1,720,000 (43 bb)
  • 5. Ryan Hartmann - 1,400,000 (35 bb)
  • 6. Byron Kaverman - 1,075,000 (26 bb)
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