Schulman shoots down stars in 2-7 Championship

Nick Schulman
Schulman conquers marquee field for the title.

Come the final reckoning, it was young New York pro Michael Binger and French high-stakes player David Benyamine were the first men to stumble in 8th and 7th respectively, before the eliminations of Vince Musso and gambling legend Archie Karas in the next two spots left the play four-handed.

At this point Schulman looked like he may be the next big name casualty, but he was about to go on a huge tear that would see him rocket up to the chip lead, leaving John Juanda and Steve Sung in his wake on the rail.

Ville Wahlbeck
Wahlbeck finished runner-up but takes the lead in the Player of the Year rankings.

Heads-up for the bracelet with Player of the Year contender Ville Wahlbeck, Schulman had a 2-1 chip advantage that he never relinquished, despite some tenacious play from his in-form opponent.

"I think he's a great player," said Schulman of Wahlbeck. "Any poker game he plays, he's going to be great at it."

Schulman accepted he had conquered a strong field but was humble in his assessment of his play.

"There wasn't a weak spot in that field," he acknowledged. "But the cards came my way and I was able to capitalize."

He went on to explain why Deuce-to-Seven is such a big draw for the big-name pros.

"It's a very simple game but the intangible qualities that make somebody a very good poker player are what would make them excel at Deuce-to-Seven," he said. "It's a game of very few decisions but they mean everything - it's pure poker."

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