Scary high-stakes action at Betfair

The Money

Ugabuga took on Len69 last week to play some monster high-stakes action on Wednesday night.

Betfair Poker often sees some high-stakes games. In January the poker site reported a cash game that hand ended up with $600,000 between two players at the table.

This week, poker fans got to see more than $200,000 end up in the pot between Ugabuga and Leo69.


Ugabuga sits in 28th place on the April high-stakes cash game leaderboard at Betfair Poker, but a hand with Len69 ended up costing him quite a bit.


With Ugabuga sitting with $155,209 and Len69 with $120,154, Len 69 was dealt J J, and Ugabuga had 9 2. Ugabuga raised it up to $1,500, and Len69 re-raised to $5250.

Ugubuga called, and they saw a flop of J 2 2. Having flopped a full house, Len69 bet $6,900 and Ugabuga made the call for his set of deuces.

The turn brought a 3, and once again Len69 bet out. This time it was $20,000, and Ugabuga flat called once again.

After a T on the river, Len 69 went all-in for his remaining $88,004. Ugabuga called, and Len69 raked in a massive $240,307 pot.

Not everyone can handle those kind of stakes, which is why Betfair Poker offers cash tables varying from as little as 5¢/10¢ up to $1,000/$2,000. The poker site also offers plenty of tournament options, including satellites into some of the world's biggest live events.

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