Saul still leader of the pack at FTOPS IX

Kevin Saul

It's looking more and more like no one will be able to catch Kevin "GetPWN3D" on the FTOPS IX leaderboard.

Today is the last day of FTOPS IX and, barring something amazing from Yuval "yuvee04" Bronshtein, CapTinBisKuiT, ryanghall or Ben "bmf823" Fineman, Saul will finish atop the FTOPS IX board with 500 points.

It doesn't help for the players chasing that Saul keeps racking up more points. He finished 33rd in Event 23, $100+$9 Pot-Limit Omaha Rebuy, on Saturday to add an extra 40 points to his already impressive standing.

ryanbluff did his best to catch Saul but eventually bowed out in 12th place. With 295 points, ryanbluff will likely need a couple final tables today if he wants to take down the player of FTOPS IX honors.

TheBrain ultimately finished on top of Event 23 for a $95,535 payday, while well-known online pro CrazyMarco came in third for $44,795. Host Eric Froehlich finished 630th out of the 1,058 entrants.

Event 21, $300+$22, was hosted by Howard Lederer on Friday and saw 577 entrants with TheFatFISH eventually finishing on top for a cool $40,141. CapTinBisKuiT came in 14th to grab third spot on the FTOPS IX leaderboard, while back-to-back wonder Yuval "yuvee04" Bronshtein finished 41st to put himself within striking distance of top dog Saul.

Friday was also the day for Event 20, $200+$16 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Max, hosted by Ben Roberts. Perhaps the most notable finish of the event was ryanghall (what's with the name Ryan at this FTOPS?) who made the final table before eventually busting out in fifth for $19,000.

ryanghall, who won Event 4 of FTOPS IX, now sits with 335 points, and is one of the few players to have a legitimate shot at dethroning Saul. Despite his high ranking, ryanghall would likely still need a couple final-table finishes to win the leaderboard race.

The eventual winner in Event 20 was Ebolarama, who took down $79,520 for beating ikopuka in heads-up play.

Still ongoing is Event 22, the two-day $2,500+$120 event hosted by Finnish baller Patrik Antonius.

Here are the rest of the final-table results from the FTOPS IX events on Friday and Saturday:

FTOPS IX Event 20 $200+$16 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Max

1. Ebolarama $79,520
2. ikopuka $50,600
3. derek7 $35,400
4. jwile20 $26,600
5. ryanghall $19,000
6. JonValenz $12,800

FTOPS IX Event 21 $300+$22 Razz

1. TheFatFISH $40,141
2. The Omaholic $26,397
3. DeuceBuster $18,348
4. n2nguyen $11,770
5. Ima_Whiner $7,270
6. fatrabbit666 $5,019
7. 2monte2 $3,808
8. her ghost $2,596

FTOPS IX Event 23 $100+$9 Pot-Limit Omaha Rebuy

1. TheBrain $95,535
2. MavFish $60,505
3. CrazyMarco $44,795
4. Deception Pt $35,029
5. spinazie $26,537
6. swool $19,107
7. willcutyou $12,738
8. tonijeromi $9,553
9. HiloMustafa $6,793


* * * * * * * * * * *


Tune in tomorrow to get all the results from the Sunday events, which includes the $2.5 million guaranteed main event hosted by Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

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