Sahamies, Galfond Dominate Weekend

Ilari Sahamies
Ilari Sahamies

The big names were out in full force this weekend with Phil Galfond, Ilari Sahamies and Andreas Torbergsen all making huge scores online.

Sahamies, who plays on PokerStars as Ilari FIN, topped everyone by recording 2,284 hands and winning $224k.

There were finally some $200/$400 PLO games running on PokerStars over the weekend and Sahamies took advantage by crushing moirhums for over $200k. 

Sahamies has had trouble finding consistency over the last couple years of online poker but is up over $400k in August and showing no signs of slowing down.

Right behind Sahamies was Norwegian high stakes grinder Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen.

Torbergsen scooped $219k this weekend and is up over $1.4 million this year. Torbergsen is easily one of the most successful players over the last two years and picked up $3.7 million in the high stakes games last year.

Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond completed the triumvirate of notable winners this weekend by stacking his way to $203k.

It’s been well publicized that Galfond recently moved to Vancouver, Canada, in order to continue playing online poker.

The move has paid off for Galfond as he’s up over $370k since relocating to Canada.

French player Romain “moirhums” Arnaud was the hardest hit player this weekend as he dumped $224k into the high stakes PLO games.

Arnaud wasn’t the only player to record a huge loss as 1-ronnyr3 dropped a total of $145k.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, who had been strangely absent from the high stakes games last week, returned to the tables and promptly lost $145k in 3,091 hands.

Finally last week’s big loser, LuckyGump, was also one of the biggest losers this weekend as he lost $102k. Over the last two weeks LuckyGump is down over $340k.

For more information on the high stakes action from last night be sure to check our online poker stats section.

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