Saddle up for Betfair Poker Gold Cup of Poker

In honor of one of the biggest horse races of the year, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Betfair Poker is hosting a special poker tournament. During the tournament, players will be racing to take out bounties for extra cash on top of a piece of the prize pool.

There will be $2,750 worth of bounties in the tournament, all named after the top ten hopefuls in the Gold Cup. The highest bounty will be for Kauto Star, earning a lucky player an extra $500.

The bounties will be:

  • Kauto Star: poker alias Kauto S, $500 bounty
  • Exotic Dancer: poker alias ExoticDance, $450 bounty
  • State of Play: poker alias StateofPlay, $400 bounty
  • The Listener: poker alias TheListener, $350 bounty
  • Beef or Salmon: poker alias BeefoSalmon, $300 bounty
  • LAmi: poker alias LAmi, $250 bounty
  • Cane Brake: poker alias Cane Brake, $200 bounty
  • My Will: poker alias My Will, $150 bountry
  • Halcon Genelardais: poker alias Halcon G, $100 bounty
  • Forget the Past: poker alias Forget Past, $50 bounty

"Everyone's watching the Cheltenham Festival at the moment, and we know the players love bounty tournaments," said Ben Fried, Betfair Poker's head of poker. "So we thought we'd combine the two. I'll certainly be playing a few hands of poker between races."

To make the tournament even juicier for players, Betfair Poker has also added $10,000 to the prize pool. With a $22 buy-in and the extra bounty money as well, this could prove to be a very lucrative event for poker players.

The tournament is scheduled for Thursday at 8 p.m. (GMT).

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