Saab wins APT Philippines

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The 2008 Asian Poker Tour found its first winner for the season as David Saab took down the Manila, Philippines event on Sunday.

The event drew a total of 316 players looking for a piece of the $1 million guaranteed prize pool. It came down to a final table that included players from Europe, Asia and Australia.

The final-table players were:

  • Don Carmona - Philippines
  • Gerasimos Deres - Sweden
  • Michele Ferrari - Italy
  • Terry Gonzaga - Philippines
  • Satori Ishii - Japan
  • Kwang Soo Lee - South Korea
  • Chris Roh - South Korea
  • David Saab - Australia
  • Man Jin Yun - South Korea

Saab started out with the chip lead when final-table play began on Sunday. He sat down with $782,000 in chips, and Roh was right behind him with $455,000. Ferrari, Yun, Ishii, Lee, Deres, Gonzaga and Carmona followed in the count respectively.

According to the event organizers, a strong 200-person crowd was on hand to watch the final day of the Texas Hold'em event. A large Korean contingent occupied the rail to cheer their three players, and a loud Australian camp was there to support Saab.

The first person out of the final table was Sweden's Deres. He was defeated by Roh in the very first hand of the event when his pocket aces couldn't hold up to Roh's pocket fives. After moving all-in against Roh, Deres saw the tables turned as a five came on the flop, and no ace came to the rescue for Deres on the turn or the river.

The locals lost their runners fairly early in the final table as Carmona and Gonzaga went out in seventh and eighth places. Yun was the first South Korean out, hitting the rail in sixth place.

Italian Ferrari finished off in fifth place as the last European standing. Behind him, the second South Korean fell as Lee finished up in fourth place.

Despite taking the chip lead a few times to the cheers of his countrymen, Ishii would fall in third place, leaving Roh and Saab to battle for the title and $280,000 first-place prize.

In the end, it came down to Saab's A-8 versus Roh's K-4. After a flop of A-7-4, Roh bet $90,000 in chips, which Saab promptly re-raised to $300,000. Roh moved all-in and Saab called.

When the cards were revealed, Roh was behind and needed some luck on the turn or river to help him out. Unfortunately a nine and a ten fell, and Roh was done.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st David Saab $280,000
2nd Chris Roh $150,000
3rd Satoru Ishii $100,000
4th Kwang Soo Lee $73,000
5th Michele Ferrari $55,000
6th Man Jin Yun $45,000
7th Don Carmona $35,000
8th Terry Gonzaga $25,000
9th Gerasimos Deres $20,000

The Philippines leg of the Asian Poker Tour was so successful that the organization has decided to up the prize pool guarantee to $1.5 million for the next event taking place in August in Macau. The event is scheduled for Aug. 26-31 at the StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macau.

The tour will also make stops in Seoul, South Korea and Singapore before its grand finale in Australia.

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