Russian player qualifies for Tournament Titan

Last week saw another player make three consecutive final tables at Titan Poker to qualify for the Tournament Titan. Only eight slots are left for the limited-player tournament with a guaranteed $1 million prize pool.

Yury Khyuppenen, a Russian player called "hupp" on the site, was the lucky 12th player to qualify for the Tournament Titan.

He qualified by making the final table twice in a row of the $7,000 GP tournament and then once at a $7,500 GP tournament Dec. 19.

"It will be the most exciting tournament in my not long poker career," Khyuppenen said about the Tournament Titan. "Thank you Titan Poker for this nice opportunity."

The players who qualify for the tournament are guaranteed to win at least $25,000, with the winner taking home $200,000. The other players already lined up to play are from all over the world - Canada, Australia, France, Sweden, Austria and Spain.

To qualify, a player must make the final table of participating tournaments three times in a row. The final tables must be consecutive and can be at the same daily tournament over consecutive days or from three different tournaments.

For more information about this or other tournaments and specials offered at the site, visit Titan Poker.

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