Rui Cao Rules Full Tilt

Rui Cao
Rui Cao

French poker pro Rui Cao proved to be too much for his competition on Full Tilt last night.

Cao, who is a frequent casher at the WSOP, fired off 2,249 hands and eventually finished up $202k. It was a huge score considering Cao played all his hands at just $25/$50 limits. 

Born in China but currently residing in Paris, Cao has flown under the radar over the last couple years but is becoming harder and harder to ignore this year.

The PLO specialist is already up to $880k in profit this year and climbing at a rapid pace. He’s one of the players who has played very well since U.S. players left Full Tilt.

Last night the two titans of Team Full Tilt – that would be Patrik Antonius and Gus Hansen – were absent from the high stakes games so Cao had his run of the site.

In their place were a number of slightly lesser known players including davin77, moi_rhums33, Carlooo13 and BelaVeja. Finnish cash game pro Jani Vilmunen was one of the few recognizable faces on the site last night.

The change seemed to work just fine for Cao who cut through his new opponents like a knife through butter.

Outside of Cao, the biggest winners were actually on PokerStars. Adiprene1 (+$80k) and masoren (+$59k) were tops on PokerStars while davin77 (+$50k) and moi_rhums33 (+$48k) were the big winners on Full Tilt.

The biggest losers were also on PokerStars with mr. johnny89 (-$98k) and antonionel (-$90k) both recording very regrettable nights.

Meanwhile on Full Tilt, Carlooo13 (-$89k) and BelaVeja (-$44k) and Jani Vilmunen (-$43k) took the worst of it.

For more information on the high stakes games from last night be sure to check our online poker stats section.

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