rUaBot Powers Down Negreanu in $75k Limit Challenge

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu.

German prodigy rUaBot won the inaugural $75k Limit Hold'em Challenge on PokerStars this weekend, defeating Daniel Negreanu in just 3/4 of the scheduled hands.

The as-yet-unidentified rUaBot, referred to by Negreanu as a "Limit genius," played well but mostly got the better of the cards - especially on the river - to run over the inaugural challenge and add Negreanu's $75k to his bankroll.

The fixed-limit hold'em challenge was the first of its kind on PokerStars and took place across two tables with $200/$400 blinds and players loading up $8,000 with auto-rebuys on each table.

Negreanu Has Good Start But Mostly Downhill From There

After an early rush by rUaBot, Negreanu managed to get a small lead by hand 100 but that was as good as it got.

By the 200-hand mark rUaBot was up five-figures and by 250 was hovering around $12k. Another 200 hands later and rUaBot had close to $45k.

Negreanu managed to stay about even over the next couple hundred hands but another push by rUaBot had the lead back up to $52,900 by hand 713.

From there it was a gradual grind to the finish with the final tally being four hours of play and just 937 hands needed (out of 1,250 planned) for rUaBot to take the full $75k. 

Negreanu, likely not hurting financially from the loss after his €900k+ take home from Monte Carlo last week, wasn't too interested in stepping up for a rematch based on his post-game chat:

KidPoker: gg
rUaBot: gg
rUaBot: sorry for the sick run
KidPoker: its ok just glad its over!
KidPoker: have never in my life played 2 tables HU LH and I never will again
rUaBot: big thanks for playing here
rUaBot: oh
KidPoker: good night

Two of Negreanu's WSOP bracelets are in Limit Hold'em.

The PokerStars Limit Hold'em Challenge is supposed to be a recurring event, similar to the Isildur1 SuperStars Showdown, but no new challengers have been named.

For more info on the Challenge, check the recap in the PokerStars blog.

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