Rough month online for Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen
Gus Hansen lost over $360K in Omaha games in September.

The High Stakes Poker Database has released its online winnings results for September. Gus Hansen had a bad month, losing more than $360K in Pot-Limit Omaha games.

According to the High Stakes Poker Database Web site, which monitors high-stakes poker games online, Gus Hansen played 214 sessions of Pot-Limit Omaha at Full Tilt Poker in September. He played for 210.32 hours in total, and took part in 15,155 hands.

The results for "The Great Dane" are not very encouraging: $366,750 down, which makes him the biggest Omaha loser of the month at Full Tilt Poker. A player called LarsLuzak lost even more, $412,649, in the Texas Hold'em games.

Phil Ivey was one of the players who had a good month, winning $266,701 in high-stakes Hold'em games. The most amazing thing about Ivey's result is that he only played for 3.37 hours in total in September, making his hourly profit almost $80,000.

The biggest winner of all in September was, however, to be found at Prima Poker (Microgaming network). Ingrid_Swede made a $770,771 profit at the Hold'em tables at Prima.

The second-most-successful Hold'em player at Prima was LrsLzk, who won $533,196. If that's the same player as LarzLuzak at Full Tilt Poker, he made over $120K in total Hold'em winnings in September.

The player with the worst result at Prima was P_Hellmuth, who lost $326,092 in the Hold'em section. It's not very likely, however, that it's actually the famous Phil Hellmuth who plays under that nickname.

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