Rory Cox wins delayed LAPT Mexico final

The sun finally set on the LAPT Mexico event.

Rory Cox was finally able to sit down at the final table for the Latin American Poker Tour Nuevo Vallarta and pull out a win Tuesday.

His journey to the win began in December as the Victor Ramdin, as well as Alex Brenes and LAPT2 Costa Rica champion Ryan Fee.

When play got down to the final nine, Ramdin and Brenes were still in the mix, but it was Cox who was sitting with a dominant chip lead, having accumulated more than half the chips in play.

The final nine for the LAPT Mexico players were:

  • Seat 1: Rory Cox (U.S.A.) 1,074,500
  • Seat 2: Victor Ramdin (U.S.A.) 104,000
  • Seat 3: Pavel Naydenov (U.S.A.) 80,000
  • Seat 4: Helen Prager (U.S.A.) 326,500
  • Seat 5: Leonardo Emperador (Venezuela) 284,000
  • Seat 6: Steven Thompson (Costa Rica) 135,500
  • Seat 7: Bolivar Palacios (Panama) 128,500
  • Seat 8: Martha Herrera (Mexico) 88,000
  • Seat 9: Alex Brenes (Costa Rica) 154,500

The players headed to Uruguay this week to finish out the tournament before the start of the LAPT Punta del Este. Once play started on Tuesday, Cox used his stack to push people around, but it was Helen Prager who took out the first victim.

Victor Ramdin was hanging on by a thread going into the final table; he eventually had to push all-in with J 6, and was called by Prager and her A 7.

No jacks for the PokerStars pro.

Ramdin wasn't able to catch up as the board brought T 7 4 K K to end his bit for the LAPT Mexico crown.

Despite cheering from his brother Humbert Brenes, Alex Brenes was the next one to head to the rail.

He open-shoved from under the gun, and Pavel Naydenov moved all-in behind him from middle position.

Naydenov had Brenes covered, but found himself slightly behind as Brenes showed pocket nines to Naydenov's A Q. The flop brought an ace for Naydenov, and when the turn and river didn't bring another nueve for Brenes, he was left with an eighth-place finish.

With the two notable pros gone, it would take another hour before a player would bust. Bolivar Palacios was the next victim, and behind him was Martha Herrera finishing in sixth.

After the next break, Steven Thompson was the next out, claiming fifth place. After him, Leonardo Emperador moved all-in and got a snap-call from Cox.

Leonardo turned up K 8 and found himself behind to Cox's Q Q. The board came T 5 3 A A to give Cox the hand.

Minutes later Cox also took out Naydenov. They got all-in after a flop of 5 8 4, and Naydenov showed K 3 while Cox had 4 5 for two pair.

The turn brought a 3, giving Naydenov a few more outs, but when the river brought a 2 he was out in third.

That just left Prager to take on Cox, who was sitting with a 5-1 chip lead. It wasn't an easy win for Cox, however.

Prager turned up the heat and managed to double up twice right away, and after the dinner break she battled her way into the chip lead as well.

Cox told PokerStars, "She played the perfect style against me - very aggressive."

He managed to work his way back and ultimately regained the lead. Then it was finally over as Cox opened from the button for 72,000 and Prager moved all-in for 972,000 from the big blind.

Cox made the call with A T, and Prager was holding K 7. Cox hit an ace on the flop, and when the rest of the board bricked out for Prager, Cox had the win.

The final results were:

Place Name Prize
1st Rory Cox $15,000
2nd Helen Prager $11,000
3rd Pavel Naydenov $7,500
4th Leonardo Emperador $5,000
5th Steven Thompson $4,000
6th Martha Herrera $3,000
7th Bolivar Palacios $2,000
8th Alex Brenes $1,500
9th Victor Ramdin $1,000

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