New host for Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational at Hollywood Poker


The Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational at Hollywood Poker has a new day, a new time and a whole new host. Join in on the fun now on Saturdays at 2 p.m. (EST) with host Ronny Cox.

The Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational was formerly hosted by Michael Woods, James Woods' brother (pictured together at the 2006 World Series of Poker) and a star in his own right on the poker site.

Michael Woods died unexpectedly in July, but his weekly tournament at Hollywood Poker was kept going in his honor. Stepping up to the plate as the new regular host is actor Ronny Cox.

While Cox's name may not be familiar, it's likely you'd recognize him if you saw him considering the numerous movie and television shows he's made appearances in.

He made his acting debut in the now classic movie Deliverance. More recently, he's been seen as Vice President/Senator Robert Kinsey on Stargate SG-1 and made appearances in popular shows such as Desparate Housewives and Law & Order.

Incidentally, he's focusing more on his music now - a combination of jazz, western, blues and folk - but is ready to put his head on the chopping block at Hollywood Poker hosting the tournament and becoming a bounty.

Players in the Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational can earn extra bonuses during the tournament if they knock out Cox or any of the other four celebrities chosen as bounties for the event.

The payouts for celebrity bounties are:

  • One celebrity: $25
  • Two celebrities: $100
  • Three celebrities: $250
  • Four celebrities: $500
  • Five celebrities: $1,000

For more information, visit Hollywood Poker.

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