Roll in money with Everest Poker Avalanche

Prize money

Another Everest Poker Avalanche Round 3 satellite is on its way for online poker players. Saturday at 3 p.m. (GMT) people will once again have a shot at making it into the Avalanche Online Final taking place Sept. 15.

The Round 3 Satellites are taking place twice a month, with four left after tomorrow. They will be July 11 and 28 and Aug. 11 and 25, with a buy-in of $530+$30.

There are much less expensive ways to get into the Round 3 satellites. Daily Round 1 satellites cost $3+30¢ or $11+$1, which will get you into the weekly Round 2 satellites which have a $56+$5 buy-in.

From there players get to Round 3 and then on to the Online Final which has a $5,000+$300 buy-in.

The Online Final will play down to 10 players on Sept. 15, and then those lucky players will be flown to an as yet undisclosed location to play out the final table live.

With a $1 million prize up for grabs, players have a shot at the high-roller lifestyle when all the cards have been played.

For more information and to get in on the fun, visit Avalanche Satellite at Everest Poker on Sunday

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