RicardoDB wins PL.com, Full Tilt Poker freeroll

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RicardoDB had a long to-do list Saturday and, even though he'd qualified for a freeroll through PokerListings.com and Full Tilt Poker, the 24-year-old online rounder from São Paulo, Brazil, decided he was too busy to compete.

But, poker fan that he is, the student and part-time player couldn't resist taking a peek at the action 15 minutes into the tournament.

He jumped into the fray after noting everyone at his table had $1,500 in starting chips. After stealing enough blinds to boost his stack to more than $10,000, RicardoDB had long forgotten his weekend errands.

Nearing the final table, he got lucky on a few hands to pick up more than $100k in chips, easily besting his nearest competition's $60,000.

"Then I just played aggressive, stealing blinds and pushing the short stacks with strong hands," RicardoDB told PokerListings.com. "When I got heads up I played more aggressive and got a few hands. We played like four or five hands heads up and I won it."

For shirking his other chores, Ricardo won $750 courtesy of PokerListings.com and Full Tilt Poker, a site he visits daily and says is the best poker room online.

Not bad for someone who is still a casual player after picking up the game three years ago.

"I used to play for fun with some friends and I see that I could make a lot of money playing poker, especially online, with a tiny investment," Ricardo says of his experience.

The winnings from his investment - which was, of course, nothing - in Saturday's freeroll will go back into his bankroll to accompany prize money from RicardoDB's best-ever cash: $1,350 from the $400k guaranteed tournament at Full Tilt.

The weekend free-for-all saw 369 qualifiers come out to play, with 10 people finishing in-the-money.

The final table results are as follows:

Place Player Prize
1.RicardoDB $750
4. Andrew5979
6. pcope5316
7. nrharpe
8. meisterdog
9. GatorNation96
10. RODDOG23$37.50

The $3,000 freerolls are exclusive to PokerListings.com and run each week at Full Tilt Poker. The events will take place until Sept. 8, for just 150 points.



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