Report: Sheldon Adelson-Backed Bill Scheduled for Hearing

Sheldon Adelson

Rep. Jason Chaffatz’s anti-online gaming bill, which is backed by fierce online gaming opponent Sheldon Adelson, may get a hearing on Capital Hill as early as March 5, according to a new report.

Michelle Minton quoted on anonymous source on Capital Hill that the House Subcommittee on Crime will hold a hearing on Chaffatz’s bill in March.

The proposed bill would essentially undo the work that helped legalize state-by-state online poker in 2011.

Bill Unlikely to Be Passed

While the new bill has a low chance of success there is some concern that some of its language will be attached to a larger omnibus bill.

Adelson, currently listed as the 10th richest person in the world, has pledged to do whatever he can to keep online gaming from spreading in the USA. 

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu recently blasted politicians who accept campaign contributions from Adelson. He Tweeted:

“How can any politician who takes money from Adelson in large quantities ever be taken seriously? How does sleep happen for them ever? If you are a politician, and take money from Sheldon Adelson, when did it all go wrong for you? When did integrity no longer matter?”

Last year there was similar anti-online gaming legislation that was passed around Capital Hill but it never amounted to anything tangible.

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