Report says poker still offers most online growth

"The Global Business of Poker Report," available at Research and Markets, indicates that poker will still offer the most online growth during the next three years compared to online gambling and online games despite the current uncertainty of its legality in the United States.

The report, written by Rachael Church, who is the editor of e-newsletter "Sport and Technology" and the author of several industry reports including "Sport on the Internet" and the "Global Business of Sports Television," provides a market overview of the multi-billion dollar poker industry. It examines the main issues surrounding the poker industry including areas of opportunity, factors affecting growth in the industry, market strategies of poker companies, poker player demographics, television exposure, and more.

Church provides case studies of the world's major poker companies and analyzes them to determine their business models and revenue streams and to figure out who the winners and losers will be over the years. She also predicts how they'll weather the waves being made in the market as a result of the United States' current stance on online gambling.

Some of the key findings from the report show that poker will likely offer the most online growth over the next three years; is the most recognized poker brand, followed by and the World Series of Poker; and the celebrity that most of the respondents associate with poker is Ben Affleck.

Other companies mentioned in the report include, CelebPoker, the Canadian Poker Tour, the British Poker Open, the Bicycle Casino, and more.

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