Renkers Racing, Timex Chasing as EPT Prague Down to 31

Mike McDonald
Timex still ticking.

Dutchman Patrick Renkers is way out in front of the pack after a big bubble Day 3 at EPT Prague.

With over 2.4 million in chips, Renkers has nearly double his nearest competitor – Germany’s Martin Finger at 1.28 million – and is in control with just 31 players left in the race to the final table.

A massive 1.8-million chip pot near the end of the night was the catalyst for getting him there.

Renkers and Swede Dennis Bejedal got into it with a set of queens on the flop for Bejedal falling to Renker’s turned Broadway straight and a called check-shove on the river.

From there it was an easy cruise to the end for Renkers and elimination for Bejedal shortly after.

104 players made the money today with Johnny Lodden, Nicolas Chouity, Grayson Ramage, Marty Smyth and Mike Watson making their exits along with Rupert Elder, Vitaly Lunkin, Martins Adeniya, Liv Boeree and Anton Wigg among others.

Two very notable names still in the hunt as they enter Day 4 and the play down to the final table tomorrow are Mike "Timex" McDonald, the only former EPT champion left in the field, and Brit Chris Moorman.

Both are still fairly well stacked at 740,000 and 557,000, respectively, and still serious threats to get to the final nine.

Also still in the running are Mads Wissing (1,059,000), Ari Engel (1,053,000), Nicolas Levi (948,000) and PokerStars pros Jude Ainsworth (929,000) and Juan Manuel Pastor (742,000).

They’ll find out tomorrow if anyone can catch Renkers starting at noon from the Hilton in Prague.

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