RedKings offers EuroKings Football League of Poker


With the excitement around the upcoming 2008 Euro Cup reaching its peak, RedKings Poker has decided to offer a poker version of the epic football tournament.

The EuroKings 2008 Football League of Poker (EFLOP) will give football fans, or if you prefer soccer fans, the chance to display their own skills at the poker table in a format akin to the Euro Cup in Austria-Switzerland.

The EFLOP will be complete with 16 teams, six tournaments and 10 prizes, including a package worth over $4,000 that will take the winner to Vienna to see the Euro 2008 final play out live. There will also be various freerolls and added-money buy-ins to make the league a value-packed opportunity.

"Over the course of the next five weeks everyone will be focused on the Euro 2008 Championship," said a RedKings Poker spokesperson.

"This momentous football event will be seen everywhere... [on] TV, in newspapers and magazines, on the Net, and more importantly, it will be on the lips of millions of people all over the world. A large percentage of these football fans will also be poker players. This poker league is for them."

All players will be able to select the team they wish to play for based on who they will support during Euro 2008, and members of the winning poker team will earn recognition for being the best poker-playing fans in the tournament, in addition to gaining entry to an exclusive $1,000 freeroll just for them.

Players can support their team and play for themselves at the same time with prizes worth over $40,000. In individual competition we will be giving away amazing prizes to the top 50 players. The top 10 players in the league will win prizes like a Nintendo Wii, a Sony PlayStation and a Nokia phone.

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