Red Dog Poker Tips for the Online Casino

In a continuing effort to bring you useful tips about some of the most exciting games you can find at the online casino, this week we´ve decided to do a small feature on Red Dog Poker. Most good quality online casinos will feature Red Dog Poker along with other great variations of online poker. But before you start playing at your favorite online casino we suggest you get familiar with the game, the house rules and pick up some tips on how to succeed at Red Dog poker online. Below is an outline of how Red Dog poker is played and some tips to help you play. Try out a hand of Red Dog at the online casino of your choice.

When playing Red Dog Poker at an online casino, the central idea is card spread. The "distance" of values between two cards is central to this game. Jack is counted as 11, Queen as 12, King as 13 and Ace as 14. Spread in Red Dog Poker means distance between the cards. For example, the distance between 7 and 9 is 1 and distance between 8 and King is 4. In Red Dog Poker the online wager you can make is to bet before the game starts. The payouts you can receive vary from game to game and are usually shown on the Red Dog Poker table. The rules of the game are quite straight forward:

The first thing that happens when playing at an online casino is two cards are drawn. The game is calculated by the spread of those two cards. Therefore drawing two consecutive cards (like 7 and 8) makes a push and your wager is returned to you. If the drawn cards are equal a third card is drawn. If the third card is equal to first two you will immediately win 11 to 1. In any other case the game is a push. If the drawn cards are not consecutive, you should now calculate the spread and either raise or call. Raising doubles your bet and calling allows you to proceed. The third card is now drawn. If the card fits the spread meaning that it´s one of the cards between the first two, you win. You lose if the card matches one of the first two cards or does not fit the spread. The payouts for different spreads are as follows but it´s always good to check out the table at your online casino:

1 card spread pays 5:1

2 card spread pays 4:1

3 card spread pays 2:1

4 to 11 card spread pays even money

A push occurs when two consecutive cards or a pair are dealt. In this case the dealer immediately deals a third card. If the result is a three of a kind, the player is paid out 11:1. When playing Red Dog poker at an online casino it makes the most sense to raise on those hands that have a spread of seven or more. Also, any spread less than seven cards have a negative or losing expectation. In this case players are only able to gain an edge in the game by increasing their wager when the spread is seven cards or higher. While this only earns the lowest payout, 1:1 it keeps the house´s edge at a minimum and boosts the player´s chances of winning. Look for this great game at top online casinos.

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